The Studio - “Hollywood” style and capabilities under one roof in the heart of Marin County

When it’s time to shoot and produce your video, commercial or film, we’ve got you totally covered with the premier production facility in all of the Bay Area. 

This brand new, 12,000 square foot film studio takes film production to a whole new level. 

Every detail and high-end technological tool is available to ensure the best possible experience and outcome, including:

  • Sound stage
  • Huge white and green screen stage
  • Commercial kitchen stage
  • Camera department
  • Complete production department
  • Green room/makeup and wardrobe rooms
  • Graphics and animation
  • Editorial with VO booth
  • Color grading
  • 12-seat conference room
  • 4K digital video conferencing

Our live video feed from the stage to the production office, green room and commercial kitchen allows creative and marketing teams to have “eyes” on the shoot without having to interrupt the action.

Designed to support the RAW digital workflows, the entire facility is wired with gigabit Ethernet and a high-speed Cisco wireless network. All graphics and editorial stations are fiber connected to our high-speed 96TB SAN and near line storage.

We’ve paid particular attention to noise attenuation. The stage is as quiet as the best Hollywood sound stages for recording sound. All edit bays and server rooms are acoustically isolated. 

Dimmable LED lighting throughout the facility allows you to control your environment.

Grip trucks can be parked on our lot for easy access throughout the shoot. And with a parking garage for 200 cars across the street, you’ll never have a parking headache.

Located in sunny Marin, the studio is only 25 minutes North of San Francisco – a reverse commute – 30 minutes from the East Bay and 4 blocks from the SMART train serving Northern Marin. Just a five-minute walk to the restaurants and shops of San Rafael or Story’s concierge service can provide catering from the wide variety of cuisines.